How to Find the Best Logistics Company in Charleston, SC

How to Find the Best Logistics Company in Charleston, SC

Selecting a third-party logistics company will not be an easy task. In order to make this decision in the most intelligent way possible, you will need to do extensive research, thoughtful consideration, and calculation.

This is due to the fact that a modern logistics service provider is responsible for a great deal more than simply transporting goods from one location to another and completing deliveries. A company that specializes in logistics is in charge of the planning, controlling, implementing, and tracking of the movement and storage of goods and information from one location to another.

The third-party logistics company is also responsible for ensuring the safety and security of the goods that are being transferred from one location to another. In fact, the logistics service provider you choose will be responsible for anything and everything that takes place with a product from the time to pick up to the time it’s dropped off.

Why Do You Need a Third-Party Logistic Partner?

Companies rely heavily on their logistics company. The logistics service provider chosen will have a direct effect on the customer service of that company. You want to choose someone that is reliable and able to help you with tracking, shipping, and caring for your shipments.

There is a wide variety of logistics companies to choose from. Some will offer to work with you on a particular part of your shipping needs, while others provide a vast array of services. You want to choose a company that can meet your specific needs, whatever that might be. 

Furthermore, some logistics companies will only provide a small portion of the shipping needs. This could mean bringing the product from the port to the awaiting trains or other trucks, which is called a drayage service. While other companies may only specialize in over-the-road. However, many companies offer both. You’ll need to determine what type of logistics company will work best for your current situation. 

When it comes to selecting a logistics company for your company, you have a lot of different options to choose from. However, not all of them will offer options that will suit your needs. You must first sit down and decide what it is that you expect from your logistics company to find a suitable fit. Let’s review some things you should look for in a reliable logistics company.

What to Look for in a Third-Party Logistics Provider

First and foremost, your logistics provider should be able to keep up with the demands of your company. This isn’t only for incoming deliveries but also outgoing. Some companies choose to have one company that will only work with incoming shipments and have another company for outgoing. This is because, many times, incoming are coming in large shipping containers, and outgoing are going as individual products. This means that a well-known shipping company such as FedEx or UPS could be utilized as your outgoing carrier. However, for incoming shipments, you’ll need entire truckloads. For this shipment size, a company specializing in truckloads or less than a truckload (LTL) only makes sense. 

However, this isn’t always the case. Some companies will have incoming shipments that are full containers or trucks, and outgoing will be full containers or trucks as well. Those companies will want to find a shipping company that can handle the size of their shipments and the frequency. 

Assistance to Customers

While you want a company that offers you amazing customer service, you also want to find a company that offers your customers amazing customer experiences. This is important when you are shipping products out and have customers relying on your shipping methods. Be sure to choose a logistics company that allows you and your customers to track your shipments throughout the process. This will give your customers a better user experience.  

Furthermore, the company needs to be receptive to customer feedback. They should have procedures in place should something not go as planned. While we all hope everything stays on schedule and goes as planned, we all know things do come up. Be sure to ask questions about their processes should there be a delay. Things such as how they address and prevent delays are also important bits of information.

Both Experience and Consistency

Take your time to find a logistics company that offers a few years of experience. Also, look at what others have to say about the company online. This can usually be found in their Google reviews or take a look at their social media. 

You also want to find someone that is consistent. They should be able to get back to you about your questions quickly. Also, pay attention to how they treat you as a potential customer. This can speak volumes about how they will treat you later down the line. 


We have left price as a last component as it should never be the top priority. After all, you can get a great price for your shipping needs, but without proper customer service and an understanding of your logistics, this could easily become a nightmare. While price and budget are important, they are not the most important when looking for a logistics company. You want someone you can count on that provides your customers with top-of-the-line service consistent with their deliveries.  

You and your staff can waste a lot of time chasing down a logistics company should they not be consistent with delivering. This can lead to shutting down production and other problems. Always take your time to find a third-party logistics company with an honorable reputation, the proper equipment needed to move your product, and an understanding of what is expected of them.

PM Logistics Services

As PM Logistics Services, we have worked with companies big and small with their shipments. Our team of experts offers Charleston, SC the best shipping options available. Furthermore, we offer drayage services to assist with moving incoming and outcoming products to and from the pier. If you are looking for a logistics company in the Charleston, SC area, contact us today. 

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